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Fire Alarm

Protect Your Business, Clients and Staff

With frequent fire alarm testing from Jarrards it is easy to protect your business, clients and staff from the risk of fire hazards while also ensuring that your company remains fully compliant with essential fire safety regulations.

As well as our reliable, high quality fire extinguisher maintenance service, PHS can also provide your company with fire alarm testing. This helps to provide maximum protection for your business, staff and any visitors to your premises while enabling you to reach the required standards of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety Order) 2005 with ease. This greatly reduces the risk of being held liable in the event of a fire occurring in your workplace.

Our efficient and versatile fire alarm testing team have been professionally trained in a number of areas.

These include:

  • Fire alarm sirens
  • Batteries
  • Break glass units
  • Heat and smoke detectors
  • Main panels

We provide a service that is tailored to your business, ensuring a maximum level of safety with minimal disruption during fire alarm testing.