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Mechanical Maintenance

Tailor Made Maintenance Programmes

Regular maintenance keeps your air conditioning system(s) running as efficiently as possible. A Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM) program can reduce your operating costs by 15%.  Manufacturers of air conditioning products will only give warranty on systems that are regularly maintained in line with the environment they are installed in, so a suitable program is all important to protect your system(s) warranty.

Older systems have a higher failure potential due to mechanical wear. If the mechanical components are put under increased stress due to ineffective maintenance or worse, no maintenance, then failure is inevitable and the replacement of components can be costly and the down time of the system can vary dependant on the severity of the failure. Planned maintenance will siginificantly reduce the failure potential of the systems mechanical components and ensure a clean environment for the area it / they serve.

Jarrards will fully maintain your system(s) in-line with the environment that they are installed. Our tailor made maintenance programmes will ensure performance and efficiencies are kept optimal, and that the area your systems serve remain conditioned the way they should giving you peice of mind.

When Trouble Occurs

Jarrards has fully trained technicians that can maintain your system(s) to the highest standard, but should problems arise our engineers have the technical know-how to fully investigate, diagnose and rectify any issue on all manufacturers’ equipment.

Our technicians will:

  • Indentify the issue quickly with minimal disruption
  • Fully investigate the issue and find the cause

If replacement parts are needed, this will be reported to you and our service administration team where we will quickly contact the manufacturer / supplier to source the part required and return to site to change and put the system back into operation in the shortest possible time. (Repair work is quoted and not part of the maintenance agreement).

Once the replacement part is installed, we will fully test the system post repair to ensure there are no further underlying issues. Each step of the way, you will be kept fully informed so you can be assured that our service team is working quickly and efficiently to resolve any issue.